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Why thank you. I appreciate the kind words though you are too generous, especially given so much of what we have thought through at UMW has been in tandem, if not piggy backing, on the amazing work you all are doing up at Penn State. The way in which you have integrated the "permanent revolution" into all aspects of your group is amazing. I remember hearing you speak at NMC last year about the "hot teams" for exploring new technologies, not to mention your entire infrastructure lends itself to an open publishing model. Which hits on the most exciting part of meeting and talking with you yesterday, you nailed the idea that we already have these open publishing platforms in place, the step towards open content on our campuses is really just a conceptual switch of thinking together with the community and framing it for the world beyong. You are dead on with this, and it has been rining in my head since you said it. Whenever anyone suggest the fact that UMW is doing this with only 4,000 students and how could it possibly scale? I refer them to PSU Blogs, for in many ways you have been able to remain one of the most, if not the most, innovative campuses despite not only despite the 80,000 students you educate, but more likely because of them!

Another thing you mentioned yesterday that I think was key, was the idea that universities and colleges already have network policies and publishing guidelines that were framed for new media in the mid to late 90s, why are we trying to re-imagine them (which often bogs down and confuses the conversation), why not work with what we have so we can feel comfortable in these spaces that we have thought through to some degree already.

In short, I too look forward to Orlando, because the little time I got to spend with you yesterday promises a series of unbelievable conversations at ELI about how we all work together to imagine a very fascinating future. You rock!

Alan Levine

I'm glad you made the trip down to get some of the Good Word Gospel from The Rev.

And despite any ribbing over MoveableType (it is in jest cause PSU is sure making it work), you are spot on that the platform does not matter as much as what people can do standing on it.

Let's really rev it up and rumble in Orlando!

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