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Wayne Anderson

The influence and creativity of the community at PSU has really opened my eyes to the potential of blogs. This post really gets to the heart of some challenges I'm currently facing. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to exploring how you structured the course and "master" courses.

Mark Burke

Wow - very good initiative. I have spent the last several weeks trying out LMS's and negotiating with vendors, all to make a choice for my new school. Most are simply using the paradigm of: "Deliver pages of content, solicit feedback from another page, deliver teacher comments on another page, showcase assessment results on another page, deliver classmate comments on another page...." There seems to be a paradigm paralysis in the LMS/CMS business. That being content must be separate from all human interaction...uuuhuuuum?

I honestly believe most LMS's, with embedded CMSs, are designed to limit teacher/student, student/student interaction. Why? Subject for another blog I think -- but it comes down to being a selling point -- less teacher time, less costs, etc. etc. I won't blogjack on that topic.

So, good for you and Matt (I tried to post a comment to Matt - couldn't get in for some reason).

PS -- Matt's trial would be great to present to the College Board in reference to AP Labs. That whole scene has been painfully evolving over the last 2 years.

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