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Alan Levine

I'll tip my hand (which will make me blog it later tonight) but I've been trying something similar with Posterous- which has the bookmarklet like tool you created, but also has the butt simple easy method of posting simply by sending email. And I have been cross posting to it as I tag in delicious using its new send by email feature.

I've been looking for something to replace that reflex when you find something cool, and you dash off an email with a link and a blurb maybe.

But I'l be *****ed if I ever use the "R" word!

david stong

I think this would be a great solution for the Multimedia Group web space. I aggregate our delicious tag, but having a broader scope from multiple users would be useful.

I guess being able to control who can join is what gives it that repository name.

Allyn J Radford

This is clearly a great idea. Repositories are often not simple because of implementation and a lack of focus on simplifying the end user role.

Your idea suggests a requirement for a more open architecture where a repository can support multiple front end applications using a service-based approach. This is a must-have for technology infrastructure anyway and learning technologies should not be seen as different to the rest of an organizations infrastructure which commonly the case right. An over statement of the requirement for specialized learning applications instead of a creative use of a range of common applications.

The missing piece is a structured content model (or simple pick and mix approach) to support the objective to feed to multiple apps, and of course, support accessibility and mobility and other 'ilities'.

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