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Patrick Murray-John


Spot on, I think. Jim and I were talking with some Semantic Web developers a couple days ago about some parallel ideas. They're thinking about a bookmarklet to a "meta-service", something that holds rich metadata about whatever you want to dump into it (links, docs, video, etc) and provides many different views onto it, depending on your interests.

Sounds kinda like the OBW + many views on it...I'll be very interested to see how it goes!




I was thinking just what Patrick said when reading this. I love the vision here, and the idea of one button publishing to a PSU Blog from a wide range of services or websites is brilliant. We want to do this, and we are also thinking how do we actually make some connections from it that will make the search and discover than much more fruitful.

As usual, a game changer :)

Cole Camplese

I appreciate the encouragement on this idea. My goal is to encourage all of our audiences to be able to easily OBW publish everything into *their* space and let that push to the social networks. I believe if we make this easy enough we may be able to get close to it. After the meeting yesterday Brad Kozlek and I did some serious riffing that lead to some mind bending conversations this morning. I am in one of those moments where I can't believe they are paying me to do this stuff!

I think we have a conceptual framework that builds on the ideas of the OBW, delicious, multi-author flow, and so much more. I'm so hyped right now I can't sit still!

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