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Christopher P. Long

Isn't there a way to integrate Dropbox into this in such a way that it would be simple? Where is the Dropbox iPad app? The way we have to use iTunes for Pages Docs on the iPad is Byzantine. Even if iDisk could be used it would be an improvement.

Cole Camplese

Chris, I've tried to use Dropbox to get at iWork docs on the iPad and no dice. I am very hopeful that my iDisk app will be updated and I can store files there ... that still wouldn't solve the syncing issues, but it will simplify getting files to the iPad. Only time will tell.


Good information, Cole. I think Apple rushed the iWord iPad apps out the door. Without MobileMe or iWork.com, the apps have limited utility.


Apparently you can use Dropbox via Safari to open files in iPad Pages: http://tabletlegal.com/docs-ipad-dropbox/

Cole Camplese

What a great idea ... I'll have to give that a try. But, this doesn't solve the fundamental issue here -- real syncing of documents. In this scenario we are still making and passing copies back and forth. It makes for getting them to the iPad easy, but it isn't any sort of real synchronized solution.

Scott McDonald

I agree that the files in pages and keynote are a major headache. I have also had problems when I open a file in pages from my email I often get "trapped" in the file and can't get back to the my documents screen.

User interface may be great in these two apps, but if it is a file cul-de-sac it just won't be worth using. Makes me sad inside,

Cole Camplese

Especially if it is a cull de sac at the end of a one way dead end street.

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