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Christopher P. Long

You know, I am struck here by what has stayed basically the same: movie sales? I have to imagine that will change over the next 10 years with better in home theaters and the ability to stream anything anywhere in a house.

Also, I am encouraged to see that the US power consumption has actually gone down a bit. Let's keep it moving in that direction.

Finally, one thing that is clearly staying the same is that you will continue to be at Penn State, which I find very encouraging indeed!

Cole Camplese

Hi, Chris! Welcome to 2011! Thanks for the kind words ... it dawned on me the other day (actually when I ran into on NYE) that we really are in a place where we can truly impact change on our campus and beyond. I love the idea that we can build on the things those before us have done and work to go down new paths. Getting to do that in a collaborative ways with real partners across campus is such a great opportunity!

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