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Sam Richards

I guess I have to cave in and get an iPad. So be it.

nathan stevens

The iPAD compares best to a phone. Every time you download a new app to it, the phone becomes something new. With a laptop when a new software is installed, it is still your laptop. That is the nice thing about mobile devices, with every new model your phone becomes another tool.

tablet pc

I have one issue with the iPad that nobody seems to talk about, and that is the aspect ratio of its screen. Doesn't it bother anyone that it's the old 4/3 format? I don't know, it looks old and dated to me!

used dell laptops

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Good post, never thought of it like that. The iPad BECOMES the app! interesting theory! - ian @ http://www.ipadcaseuniverse.com


The apps are insane. My buddy got the dj app which allows you to make music. Then plugs it into his car with the car dock and plays it haha. its awesome.

Amanda Jovovic

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