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sure, invite a few local businesses to come by and allow the students to create a few blog ideas to generate more business via the medium. not sure if you know U of Mich professor Bud Gibson, but he is having a graduate level class create a blog presence for a local Ann Arbor company.

having been in Happy Valley, I realize it's a very self contained community and likely, a blog wouldn't drive much increased business traffic. however, i think it would still be a good exercise for the students.

you could also challenge them to come up with some innovative methods to utilize a form of ubiquitous computing called Semacode - http://semacode.org/. using this form of bar code that can be read by a Semacode enabled cell phone, the students could explore the technology. i think it has some interesting potential and would like to see what a bunch of tech savvy students could do with it. maybe, instead of a photo i.d., you can give them an semacode i.d. for starters and then, let them learn about PSU campus via a semacode treasure hunt. make sure to tell them to load up their cell phones with the reader software prior to arrival.

have fun and keep us posted....jbr

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