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D'Arcy Norman

Between my blog, Notational Velocity, del.icio.us, wiki, and old fashioned notebooks (wanting to pick up a Moleskine) I'm covered.

Cole Camplese

I looked at the Notational Velocity and just doesn't feel right to me ... but it is crazy how much I use del.icio.us these days. I haven't added a bookmark to my browser in so long.

D'Arcy Norman

The MT with local publish could be interesting, since Spotlight could pick it up to integrate searching your outboard brain along with everything else on your computer...

Cole Camplese

That is an interesting byproduct ... I'll test that out and report back on it.


For my personal life, I use a wiki installed on my server, that is behind a password, that my wife and I can access. It works great for sharing information: To do lists, shopping lists, calendar, recipes, etc... It is really convienient for either of us to be able to access it from anywhere. I also wrote some custom scripts to grab a few of the pages, like the shopping list for example, and copy it to my ipod's notes section. this way if I find myself stopping at a store I can easily check and see what else needs to be picked up.

for my work life I have been experimenting with just one huge text file I call everything.txt. It is easy to search, update, transform to meet my needs and it is 100% cross platform.

I also like to carry around a small notebook that can easily fit into a shirt pocket. This acts as what the GTD crowd would call a collection bucket. As things come to me I add them to the notebook. Then later, when I am at a computer I transcribe the notebook to the appropriate digital system, then rip the page out and discard it.

Cole Camplese

Brad, I like the personal wiki available from anywhere ... one of my big challenges is the amount of travel I do ... it keeps me offline for several hours -- hours where I want to get a big slice of thinking/brainstorming/writing done. I find that desktop apps sort of blovk my creative flow for one reason or another. I try to refuse to use Word for nearly everything ... I love the feel of creating an entry in my blog, but so much of what I want to write is for my eyes only. BTW, the dump to the iPod is a great idea!

I am also an analog notebook user for a lot of stuff. I have a ton of trouble transcribing it though and it ends up sitting and getting ignored.

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