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Randy Meredith

These are great ideas. What about adding a couple more to the mix:

A. The guest lecturer podcast. Seems like an opportunity to give students access to experts who may not have time to visit the class.

B. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry classroom model has been very effective for them. http://www.dent.umich.edu/itunes/developers/

I'd love to hear more about the post-production ideas you have.

Randy Meredith

Cole Camplese

Randy ... I'll post some thoughts tomorrow ... I am actually preparing a talk for a confernce next week about podcasting and have been spending quite a bit of time thinking about it all. Thanks for the post!

P A McDonald

One thing tht I've found is that faculty don't want to take the time at our campus. They believe that it will lower their attendance in the physical classroom. The suggestion to perhaps podcast supplemental material was made and still there was rebellion against this idea. For my master, I will be doing a teaching session for faculty to help alleviate the stress of podcasts and to emphasize the benefits. Any additional feedback on this frustrating issue would be great!

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