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Kyle Peck

Interesting comments, Cole. I had a different reaction to Bud's comments. Apple "doesn't get" the whole process of teaching and learning, and therefore doesn't understand how important their products can be.

They use a simple three-part cycle, something like "create, deliver, manage," (or somehting like that) when in reality the stages on both the learning and teaching sides have many more steps. Educators design, create, and deliver content, and they evaluate studnet work, remediate to eliminate misconceptions, and document the quality of learning for program improvemenet and accreditation purposes. (At least the good ones do.) Students access learning content, process it (which is best done in a social situation, with other learners), produce something with what they have learned, self assess, peer assess, submit their products, process feedback, and then either try again to demonstrate learning or document their progress in portfolios. (At least the good ones do. (-: )

Anyway, when you look at each of those steps you see POWERFUL ways that technologies can improve teaching and learning -- especially when the software tools at your disposal include Apple's suite with products like iChat, Garage Band, iMovie, iWeb, etc. When we do our symposium, I hope we make that clear, and that we are successful in encouraging professors to incorporate technologies in more steps of the teaching and learning cycles, at the points where they see the most opportunity to improve the process.

Thanks for thinking with me about this. It's coming together.

Kyle {(}-;

Cole Camplese

Bud's comments seemed to stop short of the potential ... he is a very smart guy with a lot to offer, but I think he could have been used a little better at the event. His areas of expertise are not in delivering marketing messages. I am actually very excited to keep our thoughts flowing as we attempt to extend Apple's model into more of the pieces of the puzzle ... I know I use it a lot, but we need to focus on the entire value chain here ... not just on what the tools can do, but how do you get to faculty and students to use them all the way through the ideas of assessment, revision, reflection, and so on.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kyle! Wonderful few days with you thinking about how we can extend ourselves and Apple as we push towards our symposium. I wonder if we should set up a blog space to plan our ideas in the open? That would be interesting.

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