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Karen M. Hackett

Jeff Veen is Smarter than Smart...and you and Jim aren't too shabby either...
It's funny how you and Jim worried about being Veen v2, but I feel that your session only complimented what he began - and that's the point of a conference of this nature, right? What really fascinates me, at this point anyway, is - do we focus our energies on creating/updating such services at Penn State (sure, in part), or do we focus our energies on how we can best leverage and properly create our current id management infrastructure to work with what's already out there - and being used by students - and faculty and staff for that matter. How do we effectively join the worlds so to speak, while maintaining and nurturing integrity, independence, engagement, and dare I say it COLLABORATION? The silver bullet is near - we have the pieces on so many levels - it's just getting there, I think, that will be a bit of a challenge - but damn, it will be energizing and hair-raising - and that's a good think from my perspective. Much of what was discussed today works toward solving the problem of the virtual organization - in several contexts - faculty, staff, students. I believe that we're almost there - but one of the primary challenges will be related to how we focus our energies. What's reassuring is that we have supporters and like-minded people in higher ed. (Mark Greenfield is simply one example) - but there is a community of people at Penn State ane beyond who wish to keep moving forward. Will we relive the mistakes of Web 1.0? Perhaps - or maybe not at all - or maybe just a little. We might be a little bit wiser (um, and more jaded) to learn from that experience. One thing we cannot ignore is the social/cultural context - it's more about social studies and psychology than it is about technology anymore. The latter is almost - is - easier on several levels, in my opinion. Frankly, it's why I watch MTV - gotta keep your fingers on the pulse.

Over and out for now - today was a good day - and by far, the best Penn State Web. Conf. I've attended - and of which I have been a part.

QOTD by my husband: "Let's go work for Veen." Amen. Don't tell Kevin. ;-)


Just wanted to tell you that I got more out of your two sessions today then I have from all the sessions I attended during the past 2 PSU web conferences. It's great to see someone so sucessful and down to earth and intelligent from my hometown(there's only a handful of you as I'm sure you know-visit the Padock when BU is on break or attend a summer carnival!)

Thanks for the info and the entertainment today it was really enjoyable!

Rose Pruyne

Presenters like Jeff Veen and Your Own Self put the conference into warp drive this year, Cole! Thank you!

My only regret is that I was either presenting or chairing a presentation every time you were presenting, so I missed your stuff entirely, and it's not recorded anywhere. That so sucks! We have got to put some of these technologies to work at the conference - Pod/Vodcasts and Real-Time Blogs for starters - so that all this great information doesn't slide away so quickly.

We should have been Vodcasting everything from Jeff's keynote to the tennis ball-sized baby mallards in the pond outside the Penn Stater (who arranged for those baby ducks, anyway? nice touch.). Ah well. Next year we'll do better.

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