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D'Arcy Norman

ummm.... Drupal? ;-)

Seriously, although everything's looking like a nail now that I'm pretty comfortable with my hammer, it's looking like Drupal could to almost everything you mention. Scalability could be fun, but not rocket surgery.

We'll be playing with much of this as part of the big Drupal roll-out here at UCalgary. I'll keep you posted...

Cole Camplese

No can do ... there is a need to publish sites into faculty/staff/students' personal webspace. It is also critical that they actually get HTML files -- in the case of ePortfolios they will want to take them with them. Drupal was our first and only multi-user environment, but the requirements blew that up quickly.

Other thoughts?

D'Arcy Norman

hmmm. must be other options. we're also using Drupal in an authoring way, then "freeze-drying" some sites as static HTML. That method might work as well...

Or, iWeb? Sandvox? Does NVU have templates that are usable? Don't think you'll want to unleash Dreamweaver on the masses.

The static files thing makes it interesting... For our ePortfolio project here, I REALLY wish iWeb had been released in time for the launch - I'd have totally recommended that over Pachyderm, even!

Cole Camplese

At the moment we are investigating Moveable Type. It is a modern blogging environment that can do the html publish thing. We'd love to have control over the publishing options, but that is where templates come in.

What is NVU?

Chris Millet

I'm starting to settle in to the idea of using MovableType.. It seems like that's going to solve a lot of our scalability issues. And realistically what we're inevitably going to see happening is a lot of people (a lot as in potentially 100,000) with their own blog/PCM/whatever publishing to their own personal web space. The trick is going to be pulling these individual spaces into meaningful groups, i.e. classes, teams, departments.. and that's going to have to be very very easy for the user to do. I'm thinking something like taxonomies on steroids, something where users are tagging the content in their own space as a way to direct aggregation up to the groups. Then the app we build is just there to handle the filtering and access controls that define the group, and all the data gets passed around via RSS - overall a pretty lightweight setup. ..and people always maintain ownership of their content so they can take it with them when they move out of the system.

Mike Reinert

Hi Cole, I love the thoughts. I'm stilling pushing on many of the same ideas. I tried Nvu and didn't care for it. It's a free web editor, but has too many bugs to use in the classroom. We decided to use Drupal for our site but as far as the students are concerned, I still don't have a solution I love.



I checked ePortfolios after seeing your posts, so maybe you can warn them about a typo at their site:
"ePortfolio Participating Insitutions"

It should be Institutions not Insitutions :)


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