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pete whitfield

Hi Cole
I got your podcast through my subscription - really interesting for me to be allowed to be a fly on the wall as you roll out podcasting, in particular the weighting of the various challenges.
Recording technology in the classroom - can I throw in a googly here? Is recording lectures a high priority? I remember when Blackboard was introduced to our institution and staff were invited to upload their handouts in order to get themselves started. The results were a lot of Word files on the server, many of which were never accessed, and staff feeling that this e-learning thing wasn't very exciting. I can't speak from battlefront experience of using podcasts to enhance teaching and learning but I hope to produce podcasts that will either be a prequel or sequel to the lesson activities. The podcasts are going to have to be mighty entertaining if my learners are going to subscibe and will probably have as little of me on them as possible, after all they've listened to me ramble on for 2 hours, why would they want more? I think this advice is most useful - http://engage.doit.wisc.edu/podcasting/teachAndLearn/

Thanks for sharing your experiences - I enjoy the blog and podcasts immensely.

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