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Enjoyed the presentation, although Jimmy V’s hard core tech stuff was way out of my league. I’m still struck by the number of comments/questions around the public v. private issue. To me the real value of course experiences come from interactions around interesting problems – the co-construction of meaning. The “lecture” material is just (some of) the content around which we interact. Who cares if it’s out there? Merely hearing a "lecture" does not a professional make.

Cole Camplese

I would love to see a real push by someone on our campus to embrace open courseware ... I really don't think it needs to be a centrally controlled project, but I would love to have a hand in it. I wonder what College would be a good model? Carla, any thoughts?


Hmm. An entire College sounds big and unwieldy. What about a program? I happen to know a group that likes to work on the edge and press boundaries. Seems like a core group of faculty who embrace (to use your word) open courseware AND study the implications for teaching and learning could be interesting and powerful. So what does having a hand in it mean for you?

Cole Camplese

A hand in it means helping and being a part of it. There are great models out there for us to look at and model ... this could be one of those unique occasions where we should talk about it -- maybe even over email ;-) ... if there is a program on campus willing to think about it I am interested.

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