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How long did it take to edit that together? I think the heavy use of editing makes for a compact, easy to consume nugget. The problem I run into is that the time it takes to edit can be prohibitively expensive if you are generating a podcasts of some length or quantity.

D'Arcy Norman

I can hear it already. "Zune will never take off unless they open it up and release a full developer's API so we can build apps for it. It can't succeed without that." You could even travel to Redmond and tell them in person! :-)

D'Arcy Norman

great podcast. "oh. someone's trapped in the factory, and trying to talk to their family!" :-)

Cole Camplese

Thanks! It actually took me a good hour or so to edit the three 5-7 minute interviews I did. I got better as it went on ... I would really like to do more stuff like this over the long haul. I am so hooked on "This American Life" right now and it is making me rethink how we produce shows. Maybe that is a blog post in and of itself. At any rate, I appreciate the feedback and in my quest to be a radio host I will continue to try and learn more.


We just released Video and audio Podcasting support for the Zune:



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