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pete whitfield

I listened to this on my (son's) ipod on the way to work this morning; never mind the content, feel the space! I think ETS is the only stereo podcast I subscribe to and it is such a pleasant listening experience.
A response to your discussion about the ease of blogging (as a way of making a website); it just got easier - have you come across Flock? It's a web browser built on Firefox with a few cool wizzy bits. There's an area to drag text and images to (like what the clipboard should be), adding to favorites can also go to delicious, a Flickr window, but best of all, to write a blog post hit apple-B and a window appears that lets you write your blog and publish without even going to your blog site.
Several clicks are cut out. Screen shot movie here - http://homepage.mac.com/realstrings/bloggingflock.mov

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