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5 more days...


Wow, daddy is a little grumpy today. So, you are thinking no iPhone?


My guess:

1) Leopard review, new features discussed, release date price given
2) iLife/iWork update, overview, price/relase date
3) iTV review, discussion of additional features not previously announced, release date given
4) iTunes update, new movie studios, etc...bla bla
5) iPhone

Jason Johnson

While I find them (Tablets) worthless as a whole, I found this to be quite an interesting development
Looks like this will be one of the products at MacWorld.


Tablets are nothing? Pressure sensitive wacom technology in a monitor? Hmmm... guess you old guys still use a mouse...

Cole Camplese

I can't even get away from the rumors on my own site! Yeah, Scott I am a little grumpy but only b/c I haven't had any meetings in the Conference Room lately with the group.

Personally I don't think there will be an iPhone, but that may just be me covering my ass. iLife/iWork is a lock and it will be good. iTv or whatever it is will be reviewed and so will 10.5. I do have a feeling there will be a, "and one more thing" moment this year -- too much hype from the mother ship not to do it.

I have to agree with both Dave and Jason on the tablet issue ... I don't find the tablet pc form factor appealing, but looking at some of Dave's work on a Wacom shows where that technology is really well suited.

Chris DiEugenio

"Personally I don't think there will be an iPhone..."
You're breakin' my balls, Cole!

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