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This is really good news. I've been looking for the "Google Docs" equivalent of PowerPoint. I'm sure my students will use it for their group projects AND we won't have to waste time while they try to shuffle laptop plugs, key drives, or download from their random mail accounts. As soon as it's released, I'm on it.

Christian Johansen

I've been using S5 presentations while marking time for an alternative. Have been thinking it needs an editor if it is ever to gain traction among non-technical users.

I don't even have MS Office installed on anything I touch. But S5 presentations don't easily yield up the really slick presentations, so I've learned to accept simpler presentations. That's the interesting part to me - it's been a good and rewarding trade-off to lose the slick, bloated presentations with download problems and with no hope of collaboration. In its place I get quality HTML, immediately web-accessible and sharable (for those don't mind writing some simple markup). Trading simplicity for slickness won't be for everyone, but I haven't looked back for several years. Of course, nobody ever approaches me and says, "Wow, what a great presentation! How did you...?"

Google presentations looks like they'll fix the collaboration problem, but the technology appears to be based on flash. Certainly better than a proprietary binary format, but we'll soon learn about portability and accessibility. Maybe I need to keep thinking about integrating S5 and Kupu after all. Watch yer back, Google.

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