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D'Arcy Norman

Pligg is really nice. Combined with an evolved version of BlogBridge Feed Library, and it would be a pretty complete loosely-joined campus blogging/publishing system...

Jason Heffner

Very Nice. A dig clone may be extremely handy. I wonder if it supports "submit to pligg" links and/or extensions for FireFox. With a potentially large amount of blog content coming out this could be very useful.

D'Arcy Norman

I don't know about the FF extension, but there is a bookmarklet for posting new news items...

Paul Diamond

The idea of using voting or rating to influence how users view information is one we are very interested in - so much of our user experience today is looking for information via search (the world as Google). Various search algorithms are used to determine the order results are presented, but mostly they are based on how closely the content matched the search criteria plus how many others had looked at the content, or linked to it, previously.

An important element is also how valuable those users found the content, and a voting mechanism adds that information. Now if there is also a way to determine "who" voted for something - not their name, but who are they in relation to me. Are they an expert in their field, or just another "amateur" like myself?

Google does this somewhat today with it's weights applied to links, so that a link from an authoritative source (e.g. sun.com) is more meaningful than a link from an ordinary blogger. What I am suggesting is to add this voting capability, and combine it with some form of weighting so that not all votes are equal (just as not all links are equal to Google).

Hopefully this both makes sense and is not a much-published idea which I have just not caught onto.


Pligg does have a Karma feature, but it doesn't allow for weighted voting like Digg does.

In a way, its kind of better that way.

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