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Yup- This was one of my worries. Technically, OS has a VPN in it to, just not the "cisco" VPN that we need to work at PSU.


I believe the VPN client will not work; the ones natively built into OSX and Windows don't support it now. There isn't an L2TP profile enabled on PSU's VPN Concentrator and there aren't many clients that have support for Cisco's proprietary IPSEC.


Well, we'll need to look at how we can make it work. The WIFI is very fast and this thing seems like it is a laptop replacement in a lot of ways.


I've started the conversation in the Computer Building ... there may be some interesting things happening. We shall see.


The iPhone doesn't support enterprise level vpn. There supported VPN protocols are at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305723 including those that the iPhone does not support.


I mentioned it today in the ASET/TNS/TLT meeting as well and the fact we may have a lot more requests coming. It probably won't work with the 802.1x trial in the Computer Building either since the iPhone seems to be missing the required "supplicant" to join these networks. I don't believe they are ready to roll that out yet last word I heard from the PSU Wireless Committee anyway.

Fortunately it should work great in all the wifi hotspots we have downtown. Maybe Apple will release an update for wireless sometime later to support more auth methods?


had no luck with VPN and pennstate wireless yet. got my mojo by allowing my office machine (a now vintage Apple Cube) to share it's connection. gotta be a better way, but i've never been able to get OS X's VPN to work, never mind the iPhone's version.



Have you seen App. Tapp. yet for the iPhone? It's essentially an online package manager installer app similar to what you find in Linux. They have an example of how to compile an installer but I don't know squat about making packages so I'm at a loss. I emailed support at nullriver, the software company who is unofficially maintaining the app for now, but I don't know whether they'll get back to me. If you or anyone you know has terminal experience or understands coding- check out http://iphone.nullriver.com/beta/

I think we could have a solution here, if only someone knows how to compile the package correctly so it can be uploaded to the repository.

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