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Jimmie Manning

Hi Cole,

Not only will your model help with Higher Education...it will be a great benifit to secondary education as well. I will have to re-read and digest the information. I will get back to you in a couple of days. Thanks for the opportunities!


Kyle, thanks for the comments and feedback! I agree there is a problem with the equality in the stacks ... I am still struggling with how this should be represented. The two key areas that I focus on are the publishing platforms and the engagement opportunities so I spend most of my time thinking about those. One thing that I have learned is that all the pieces are really equally important at the implementation level -- even though the University wide infrastructure is there to support so much more, it is just a piece in the attempt to create the opportunity for digital expression (or anything else).

One thing I could use some more help with is bringing more people to the table. One thing another colleague of mine and I are thinking about is the notion of building the next layer of adoption by highlighting the first round. We are thinking of a new approach to sharing success stories to drive new interest. Short of that, I have made a commitment of getting in front of as many faculty this year as humanly possible. What are other strategies for making that happen? Other ideas for me?

Kyle Peck

Thanks, Cole, to you and to Chris for developing that model and for sharing it. Yes. I think it is very useful. (I think that the most important use of bar napkins is to record and diagram the craetive thinking that takes place once the alcohol has done it's work. the cleanup role would have to be secondary for me.)

I like the hierarchical "stacking" in the diagram that reflects reality. However, it tends to make everything seem equally important, of foundational things seem most important because they enable the rest. My concern is that the "Engagement projecs" piece is crucial. Only when we bring people to the insfrstructure can all of the amazing work that enables facultyand student use pay off. Let's work this year to really bring more faculty members and students to the table. The meal is there! Compliments to you and your team on creating such a banquet. Let's do as good a job in delivering the invitations.

BTW... Wasn't there going to be a "wikis at PSU project as well?"
And, I like the name "PSUTube." Cute.

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