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Robin Smail

Wow -- I *really* like the idea of the digital media stack. That is so clear to me and takes the value chain concept to a whole new level. Often I find myself frustrated that, despite being a part of the PSU digital community, I am unable to find enough hours in the day to use these tools to the fullest extent possible. Seeing examples like these, however, really demonstrates the level to which you can leverage these opportunities. I'm feeling inspired to dive once more into the breach...

Eileen Grodziak

I am very interested in viewing the student's blog and interview project. Is there any way you can secure permission to post the link? The Lehigh Valley Faculty Senate, Faculty Affairs Committee, requested the help of the Digital Commons to work with a 200-level writing class to produce faculty interviews. The ultimate goal is to make these interviews available on the campus website to provide "up front and personal" information about our faculty for current and prospective students. We are in process of developing the course syllabus/project requirements. Having access to previously produced projects (along with the supporting pre-production work) will be most helpful!

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