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Will Taylor

This is totally cool - I've just subscribed to the changelog feed as well, never realized you could do this. Great example you posted - me figuring out how to sign my name ... ;^)

Warren Ediger

And I thought I was the only one! :))

I created a wiki about 6 weeks ago for a project I'm sharing with 6 colleagues at several different locations. It was an exciting moment when the first change - with someone else's name - showed up on my GR feed! Still feels good, too.


Alan Levine

I've made a lot of use of following these feeds since I have now about 6 media wiki site and NMC.

Initially it was to keep an eye on spam and bot activity- adding the recaptcha mediawiki extension clamped that down nicely

Also, a minor bug I end op googling every time is that if there are any extra lines or spaces after the closing "?" in your LocalSettings,php file, your feed will bork.

Had a hard time putting the RSS URL on the wiki sidebar until I TinyURLed it.

And last on MediaWiki is you can really bust it upon cleverly by using Templates for repeated content.

Brad Kozlek

I have countless wiki changelogs in my reader. I have had this idea a little out of reach for quite a while now that with a little mashing up of wiki change comments and the blog experience, a killer new breed of collaboration tool could be born.

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