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Bryan Alexander

Sounds like another fine event.

But I can't believe you're 36. You young pup!


Hi Cole,

Found you via your comment at "Shannonatwork" blog. I've just searched high and low for an email link here. Nothing in the About page, CV or teaching. I would love to know how to contact you.

FYI - Should you consider adding a "contact" page to your site, there is a great plugin (although it's not currently compatible with WP 2.5 it's a sweet little feature for easy connecting) available:

Otherwise, just a page with an email address OR just a page with the comments form left open (servers as an easy way to create a contact page) without giving away your email (if that is a concern).

Cole Camplese

Melanie ... thanks for the comment! Yes, I neglected to put my email back on the site when I took my contact info down with the last theme change. I just added it back in! I have your blog in my google reader and keep up with you!

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