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Jeff Swain

I watched the keynote over the Berkman streaming server and found Zittrain to be as insightful on the social underpinnings of the internet as Lessig was regarding the legal aspects.

I'm encouraged to hear that both take the position of informed moderation. By that I mean to say that some aspects are best left governed by the people through norms, ethics, and basic courtesy while there are areas that do call for stronger regulation. And we should recognize each type for what it is and act accordingly.

I also agree with their stance that this 'regulation' should work from the ground up.

Jim Leous

I saw his interview on the Charlie Rose show. Deep thinker this guy. I'm thinking about stealing it off your desk.


Cole Camplese

Jim ... He is a very good presenter and his thinking seems to be very clear in this area. I am moving to his book as soon as I finish the latest from David Weinberger, "Everything is Miscellaneous." So far the Weinberger book is a great read. I have a few new ones cued up -- maybe we need a new book club?

Jeff Swain

I'd be in for a book club

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