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Mike Bogle

Hi Cole,

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the path you went down this month. Despite not actually managing to comment until now (sorry about that) - I found the conversations really thought-provoking and have every intention of synthesising my own interpretation/contribution to things as soon as I can :) Though I suspect it will take the form of a long rambling post on my blog that references you.

Thanks again and I'll do my best to pop in here more often :)



Cole Camplese

@ Mike Bogle Thanks for the comment! I see you on Twitter and count the comments there as contributions to this space. It has been a tough month -- a month filled with anger and angst. I think I am working through it, but I imagine I'll be writing more about the issues that have me fired up recently. When you get your post together I'll be sure to check it out and do my best to contribute to that conversation!

Mike Bogle

@ Cole Camplese
I've taken an initial stab at synthesising some of the related topics being discussed here and elsewhere, but there's much more I want and need to think and blog about - not the least of which is where alternative forms of education sit in the equation.

I know that the topic of homeschooling has come up here for example, and I think that's worth reflecting on as well because my family does homeschool (an adapted version of unschooling to be specific) but I've not really written about it yet - largely out of concern for drawing too much attention to myself. I'm considered far out enough as it is :)

Under the circumstances though it might be warranted and useful in the discussion. Will try to get to that soon.

Anyway hope all is well!



Joe Fahs


I enjoyed your daily posts last month and appreciate more than ever the challenge of writing non-trivial content every day! Thanks to Allan and you for your inspiring and thought-provoking reflections that in turn involved dozens of readers in contributing their so many interesting comments.


Cole Camplese

@Joe Fahs Thanks much for the comment! What I loved most about the OPAD challenge was that it got other people involved in a larger conversation. I spent much of the month yelling into the blogosphere about the state of education in the US and what I learned was that I wasn't alone in my frustrations. It was a fun month filled with lots of good discussions both on and off line. I'm looking forward to getting my energy back here in a few days!

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