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I'm not sure what RAFLMAO means...are you sure it's not ROFLMAO?


Cole Camplese

Thanks, Bart. Just did it to see if anyone was reading.


Thanks for the great presentation today!

Cole Camplese

My pleasure! I had a blast ... great group to talk to. Looking forward to keeping the conversation moving forward.

Chris Gamble

Yes, thank you, Cole. Your talk was informative, enngaging, inspiring. A lot of alumni relations offices across the Penn State system will be enhancing their community connectivity as a result.


Thanks for a very engaging presentation that gave me much to think about. Keep moving along these lines and I won't hold it against you if you don't get right to fixing Angel...

Cole Camplese

Excellent to hear! I am looking forward to seeing the ground move under my feet.

Cole Camplese

Phew ... I was worried you'd haunt me until we got it just right!

Cole Camplese

You know, I was actually going to record this one ... I used to do it for every single talk I gave. I carried a little Lav mic that I would just clip on and go. There were big technical problems at the IST Cybertorium that kept me from actually doing it. I'll start doing it in the future ... the other thing is the notion of value -- is it worth the bandwidth? So much about what made this one fun was the conversation.

Jim Leous

Interesting, I had the same discussion with the next Executive Director of my Alumni Association (or should I say my other Alumni Association) last week. Our class has been doing social media for a while and the Alumni Association has a strong, active presence on LinkedIn.

david stong

I just discovered that the Penn Stater, our alumni magazine, has a blog. I was surprised that I didn't know- I'm not an alumnus, but I try to stay informed. Your talk would've been a fantastic one to hear- have you considered recording all of your talks? It would make an interesting body of work. Considering the ease with which it could be done, maybe we could be recording every presentation that any of us makes?

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