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Cole Camplese

@Matt Meyer I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the stuff BK and I are cooking up in the lab ... I think it lives right in the middle of the work you are doing with Chris Long. The idea that students can participate in an ongoing digital dialogue across the web and still grab those as evidence is a critical next step. I am very hopeful of the direction we are pointing in.

@ cmduke Still crazy ... just a bit more energized! I am, like you, stoked to see Wave in practice. Until we get our hands on it we'll be left to speculate and dream. Nothing wrong with that!


Again, I agree and will be blogging more about Google Wave over the next week or so - identifying different, I think rather obvious, use cases.

Absolutely one of the most intriguing aspects of Wave, for me, is the ability to embed Waves and communication into blogs and other locations while maintaining the connection to and ability to monitor via the Wave interface.

I alluded to this in an earlier comment, but if this blog post were a wave. You happen to be in front of your Wave interface. You could/would see me typing this comment - letter for letter - and if you chose, immediately start responding as well. So, the comment instantly transforms into a public IM type communication while retaining the persistent quality of a comment. And, as I understand it, if the Wave is public, anyone later that wanted to see the conversation could play it back and then contribute. Then you and I both could watch that comment being added and it becomes a chat room type experience.

I don't think you're any crazier than you were before last Thursday ;-)


Matt Meyer

Clearly, you and Brad have been sitting around the whiteboard again! I would definitely dig this thinking because it means reducing the amount of "separate" tracking we still have to do manually for the things we contribute in digital dialogues. Aggregating them further would make life easier and more importantly, help us create add deeper meaning to the conversations we are having out there. Too often we contribute and lose track of it and never get as much out of the conversation as we could.

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