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Rusty mYers

Looks cool! I've always been interested in trying this. From what I've seen, blurring the foreground and background and leaving the center in focus produces some really keen looking photos!

will diehl


There is a photo exhibit at the Student Union in Madison going on now - I just saw it last night - some really nice examples - I'll see if I can find the artist's info and post it. I can't recall his name right now. Maybe he has some stuff on flickr as well.

david stong

Fun stuff! I wonder if anybody could write stories to go along with this train set campus?

D'Arcy Norman

I can't be bothered farting around with Photoshop for that. I just use the TiltShift Maker. It's not perfect, but it's drop-dead easy. tiltshift of hanauma bay

Cole Camplese

Thanks for the link D'Arcy! It does a nice job and your photo was very cool!

Brad K

I haven't had too much success with fake tilt shifts. Your pic captures that miniature feel.
There is a tilt shift app for the iphone that I have played with, for doing tilt shifts on the go.

Cole Camplese

Thanks, Will! I'm going to try and do the same here at PSU this summer.

will diehl

Here you go:http://www.flickr.com/photos/pfcapture/sets/72157610549193154/

Justin Miller

Funny I was just told about this entry, I walked by your empty office the other day and decided it was the perfect location for some tilt shifting. Video of course, here you go in case you miss having windows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kql91QNFyb0

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