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Wow. The STIR and friend will also be in Florida all next week to enjoy Disneyworld on their own. If you see the geek's kid, be sure to say hi. "Hey, is your mom @Robin2go?" "Hey, is YOUR mom @Robin2go?" "Dude...."

Enjoy the week. I'm so close to walking into ATT and switching to the iPhone that it's not even funny. What are the odds I've converted by the next time you see me? I'm not taking any bets here. Have fun.

David Cochrane

Hi Cole, On the save pw issue with VPN. Tried modifying VPN settings in ver. 3.0. Deleted and manually added VPN. Tried the Auto and manual PSU proxy settings, all have resulted in successful manual connections but no connection that worked with a saved password.

I also noticed the relocation of VPN in ver 3.0 - Settings/General/network - I think usability issues were increased under this release.

Derek Morr

You should be able to have the iPhone store your VPN password, but you might need to use the iPhone Configuration Utility to create a VPN profile to do it.

Currently there is no way to have the iPhone start the VPN when it connects to a particular wireless network. This has been an often-requested feature since iPhone OS 2.0. However, if your access point supports 802.1x (branded as "Wireless 2.0" by ITS-MAC), the iPhone will automatically authenticate you. As an upshot, 802.1x is much faster than using the VPN.

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