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Cole Camplese

So far it doesn't look like I can invite anyone "gmail style." I got a response in Wave to the question -- no idea if it was an official google person. He told me that people had to sign up for a developer account to get in. The real problem is that I'm not a traditional developer in that I'm not looking to write any modules for the Wave, instead looking at it as a teaching and learning tool ... and for organizational communication. Without some other people like me it is tough to get a handle on what is happening. I'll keep working and see what I come up with.


Me four, if there's invites to pass along... (Seems like there'd really have to be if you're going to have half a chance to try things out)


D'Arcy Norman

*cough*hookmeup*ahem* thx.

Mike Taylor

Nice. I'm so jealous. Put me next in line behind Stephen. 8-)

Natalie Harp

Me too! I would like to be "invited", if it's possible for you to do so and not too much trouble. Alternatively, I suppose I could do the work and find out how to get in on the action through Google itself. ;-)

Keep us updated on your findings!

Stephen Downes

Still waiting for mine - if they give you invites to pass along, count me in. Please.


Hot damn. Put me on the list!


Just in case Google changes their mind plz add me to the queue. Many thanks.

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