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Justin Miller

I find the idea of collaborative note taking in class to be interesting. Being able to see the material from different perspectives and drawing on each others preexisting knowledge could be really powerful. Trying to see this from a student perspective I would of loved to have been able to learn not only from the lecturer but from my classmates all in real time as material is being presented.


I can't wait more :(

Cole Camplese

Justin ... I'm wondering if some of these kinds of thoughts shouldn't be part of conversations you are having with faculty when you are doing digital commons sessions? It might be really worth our time to sit down and talk about some of the things we are all thinking about and doing across the board. I also wonder if we shouldn't be injecting more of the ePortfolio progress into DC workshops and consultations. Might be worth a conversation.

Justin Miller

Absolutely, I think a conversation would be helpful, I try to inject blogs and other ets project into my consultation time whenever possible. I've already been able to recommend blogs to faculty on several occasions but the more I know about the creative ways ETS is thinking about how this technology can be used the more powerful and useful I can be as a consultant offering solutions.


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