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Alan Levine

The question of about what is an OER keeps ringing the old bells of learning objects, which IMHO boiled down to almost everything.

I've not even gotten close to summing the OpenEd experience, but as you suggested a larger theme feels like "its more than just resources/courses/content". For me, I got that in assembling my stories videos when Nancy White said, "Openness is more than resources, it's an attitude".

It's soemthing most people there pretty muck grok at a DNA level, like "duh", but we know out in the trenches, its like singing Sanksrit.

Please keep banging the Facebook issue- they way they partake of the richness of other open content sites for media, yet dont let it out the same way is... stingy. I refuse to upload any media sans one to Facebook:

"Closed being a gradient of open" intrigues me, zen like riddle, and perhaps we need to think about a sliding continuum rather than "open or not"?

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