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David Jacobs

Happy to help - djacobs@sixapart.com


I think this is a good idea in the long run. Even as someone who works with CMS's as part of my job, I don't want to be screwing around managing an install just for my own stuff, and typepad is an impressive platform.

Christopher P. Long

Bold move. Looking forward to hearing about the results. Doesn't sound very vacation-like as projects go, but when else will you have time to deal with the issues that will arise. Good luck.

Cole Camplese

We shall see how it goes. I did a full import of all my old posts from my wordpress site and all comments came over perfectly. Still have to manage the images and links.

Chris, its either this weekend or wait until Christmas break.

Account Deleted

Best of luck!
I did exactly as you are doing except my WordPress blog did not have quite as much to bring over. Just the same, with the help of the excellent TypePad staff, it was a snap. Its my goal to have all my blogs eventually hosted by TypePad. Their customer support is unparalleled and the fantastic new goodies they've added, especially in the last year, have made me an especially happy TypePad blogger. Cheers!

Cole Camplese

Cyn, thanks for the encouragement and the vote of confidence! I've not been this happy with a publishing platform in a long time. The stuff they've rolled out in the last few weeks has been what has pushed me over the edge. Can't wait to make the switch.

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