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Christopher P. Long

The layered aspect of this is powerful and I find myself wanting to write in this space because it generates discussion more easily and dynamically. As an example, see our discussion about web personnality.


Cole Camplese

At the moment I am in the exact same boat -- so much that I haven't posted to either my WordPress blog or my PSU blog in weeks. I think we need to be building towards these kinds of social opportunities within the PSU environment ... or maybe we should just encourage all of our students to write here? Not sure.


Count me in this boat as well. I am in the middle of a post about digital identity and started it at renegade, but now trying to figure out how to pull it in here -- or can I do it the other way around? Because I don't want to lose this content, but I'm also quite hesitant posting outside this layered environment because it feels like it needs to be here. So instead it sits in edit while I worry this model. I would very much like to see this in the Blogs at Penn State environment, because it truly allows me to interact with others and follow that interaction more readily. Or, should I just use this as my blogging platform and pull it into renegade? It's a difficult question to answer; mostly because I think I'm gravitating towards this platform. *sigh*

Cole Camplese

Hi Robin ... this is the very question I struggle with every single day -- where should my own content "live?" I've always tried to maintain a space that I own for my writing, but in the last six months or so I've started to honestly dislike the wordpress platform as it feels like some sort of barrier to publishing. I'm not really as interested in storing my content with the Blogs at PSU only because I like the freedom writing under my own domain/name affords me.

THe deal maker for me has been the TypePad community aspect. I can write here and a whole new group of people can see my work in the first layer. Then the environment allows me to update twitter and facebook easily. That brings in my typical friends/followers. The speed and features of this environment have led me to abandon my WP self hosting and jump ship. And that has taken *a lot* of thinking.

At the end of the day, the best move is to write and publish. Content can always be moved!

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