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I'm pretty sure I wouldn't need 3G in an iPad. The phone gives me connectivity anywhere already. Any place I can think I'd be using the pad, there'd be wifi. If not, I wonder if I could tether from my phone...

but, for someone's only computer, with internet included for $15/mo? that's incredible.


The place I'd see using 3G would be traveling in a car. I'm a big Red Sox fan as you know and it greatly appeals to us to be able to watch (listen for the driver) on our 6-hour drives to/from family. I wonder how much data game streaming sucks down.

Cole Camplese

Erin, get the MLB app for your iPhone and watch how much data you end up using after a month. I bet it is a fair amount, but not killer. I honestly don't watch much stuff on my iPhone -- I rarely use the youtube app. This thing seems like I'd use it more, but until there is hulu support I bet it would be limited for me.


I just checked my statements. You're right. I don't use 250 on the iphone as of now.

The 3g is looking a little more appealing to me.

Cole Camplese

D, we don't even have tethering for our laptops with A$TT here in the States. What I'd love to see is a plan that would allow me to tether my iPhone for an extra $10 or something and live off its data plan. Short of that it is tough to justify another $15.00 per month ... until I end up in the car or at my parents house without wifi and I go insane from not being able to connect to the tubes!

Cole Camplese

Brad, you do a lot of youtube and things of that nature don't you? The ATT access is important to me as it enables the ATT hotspots that seem to be popping up everywhere.

If the VPN is as jacked up on the iPad as it is on the iPhone I'd use 3G all the time on campus.


Cole, of course I have that app already :-) ...Us New Englander's take our baseball seriously. I never looked to see how much I used though. I'll have to get Roy to go back through the statements.

Cole Camplese

Erin, you can check by going to Settings>General>Usage ... should be at the bottom. I'd be really curious ... mind reporting back?

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