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Ellysa Cahoy


Two things:

I really miss ETS Talk. That was most certainly an outlet to promote ETS initiatives, and it was very effective. Any thoughts re: reviving that on a wider scope?

I agree with you that print is not always the answer, but it can pull things together nicely, and also reach new sectors of your audience. I'm not sure how TLT/ETS approaches donor development, but in the Libraries (and in most other colleges too), we have a special magazine (not as shiny as what you're thinking of) that highlights our initiatives for prospective donors. I think it is effective in communicating our projects with a different tone to a specific audience. (They just did an article on my fellowship, for example.)

I suppose what I'm saying is that one publication may not be the answer, but through several modes of communication (including the ePub that you're thinking of) you may be able to reach a wider variety of distinctly different audiences.

Cole Camplese

Ellysa ... this is exactly what I think Dave is saying -- that adding a print version would open our stories up to a much wider audience. I love the Library publication as well -- and I read it every time it hits my desk. The first time he brought it up I dismissed out of hand, but thinking about it in the perspective of some of the other well done print pieces across the University makes sense. I would hate to not address emerging opportunities and would hope and pray for a work flow that would allow us to get close to a "one in, all out" model where the content we put into our content management system pushes out web, print, and ePub ready opportunities.

About ETS Talk ... I loved doing that every week, but we somehow lost our mojo. I'd really like to revisit it and see if we couldn't do something a bit more compelling ... I hate to even mention This American Life in the same paragraph as our lame podcast, but if we could do something that would be more along the lines of a themed show with stories around that theme I know I'd be more motivated to invest the time. Perhaps a weekly dispatch from the Library as a segment?


Is there a way to make this publication something other than a promotional material? Make it more like a real magazine? Am I way off base? I have to say I am a little confused at the moment as I am far removed from the demographic you speak of. Clarity may come over time.


Brad, I am embarrassed by promotional material. What I envision is a magazine that essentially documents excellent teaching and learning with technology at Penn State. There would be no ETS focus, no TLT focus, and no ITS focus- essentially, no promotion serving as the honest promotion of excellent people. I also see it as quarterly- with three issues. The fourth quarter is devoted to the symposium; though I have no control over any of this.

As for etsTalk, I can only say... "live audience."


I'm only a recent fan of the PSU Research publication...I have found myself reading it nearly cover to cover in one sitting (at least the last 3 issues). That is rare and unexpected if I look at my other reading habits with print, outside of novels or books I read.

I actually went out and bought a book by Dan Shapiro that stemmed from reading the Penn State Research publication...great book so far.

YOu might want to check out something called "The Teaching Professor". This is more of a monthly newsletter for faculty development peeps, but it does a fantastic job of painting a high-level picture of what's going on in the field, and basically filtering research and highlighting (with excerpts) the best stuff out there.

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