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Rusty Myers

Got my iPad today, will be interesting to try to reconfigure my workflows on such a device. Can't say it will work better or work at this point, but I'm hopeful!


Woah woah woah!
"...and when I passed it around..."

I call shenanigans! After seeing your reaction to people touching your monitors and handling your laptops, I can't believe you let a class full of 30 students pass around your iPad. You must have been ready to have a heart attack any second.

I've read some reviews of the iPad, I just can't justify the $$$. I certainly would use it, but my workflow is now rapidly moving back to the PC and things like MS Access and SPSS. I find to get the most out of Apple, you need to do *everything* on macs. I did enjoy that for a while, but at the moment I'm moving in the other direction due to work.

Cole Camplese

It is true ... I passed it around. It wasn't easy, but I did it. Perhaps it is a sign that this is a new, more accepting version of me.

BTW, the stuff you do is both amazing and disturbing to me. SPSS and Access. Wow.

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